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Trade technology for technology! In order to import Chinese microelectronics technology, Russia took out the baby under the pressure box


As a rising industrial country, China has finally made great achievements after 70 years of unremitting efforts and struggle. Up to now, my country ha...

As a rising industrial country, China has finally made great achievements after 70 years of unremitting efforts and struggle. Up to now, my country has become the country with the largest and most complete industrial development categories, and in some fields, my country's technology is still at the forefront of the world, which was unimaginable before. Due to the technological blockade of China by Western countries, my country’s weapons and equipment were generally backward at that time. The only place where weapons and equipment could be obtained was Russia. However, in order to keep its technology from spreading, Russia also repeatedly considered the weapons and equipment exported to China. There will never be advanced weapons and equipment.

Russia also has its own worries. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, although Russia's economy occasionally picked up, the overall situation is still sluggish. Coupled with the impact of the division of the Soviet Union on Russia's military industry in those years, Russia has been eating its laurels over the years. Compared with China, continuous progress in the military industry is gradually leaving Russia behind. This time, Russia has asked China instead. What to do is to change the technology at the bottom of the box.

According to media reports, after many years of Sino-Russian negotiations, Russia finally let go and is willing to sell key technologies to China. This technology is Russia’s world’s most powerful RD180 rocket engine technology, but the prerequisite is that China must obtain this. This technology must be exported to Russia. This is to trade technology for technology. We all know that the engine is the crown jewel in modern industry. In particular, the technology content of rocket engines is even higher. Although my country has made good achievements in the field of space exploration, the insufficient thrust of the launch vehicle engines still restricts the progress of my country's space technology. Although Russia has greatly declined in strength relative to the former Soviet Union, the old foundation is there. Its RD180 carrier rocket engine is still the most advanced rocket engine in the world, which even the Americans envy. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Americans came to Russia for cooperation. Russia was relying on the RD180 launch vehicle to provide many services for the United States in commercial and military applications and earn a lot of foreign exchange.

The reason why the RD180 rocket engine is advanced is that it uses advanced shared turbopump technology, which makes its bare weight only 5.5 tons, while its maximum vacuum thrust reaches 4150 N, which is 380 tons, which is also the Russian launch vehicle. The confidence to dominate the world. However, as we said earlier, although Russia is still very advanced in some fields, Russia also has key shortcomings in the key technologies involved in the development of today’s weapons and equipment. This is microelectronics technology. The same is true for Ukraine, which is in the same line as Russia. After the Ukrainian Color Revolution, when Western countries offered to assist Ukraine with weapons and equipment, Ukraine said that it did not need ordinary weapons and equipment, and what it needed most was electronic equipment.

Russia's current economic scale is equivalent to that of China's Guangdong Province. It is obviously insufficient to support the development of its military industry with such economic strength. To win development in the future, we must start cooperation with other countries with our own advantages. For example, Russia’s GLONASS satellite navigation system must be supported by microelectronics. In this regard, Russia has always relied on European and American countries. However, the United States’ sanctions on Russia have caused the Communist Party to always face microelectronics. In the dilemma of being stuck, Putin is able to judge the situation and choose to look eastward to conduct in-depth cooperation with China, which is undoubtedly a matter of mutual benefit for both parties. Taking out the RD180 launch vehicle is also a sign of sincerity, and the prospects for cooperation are quite broad.

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