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Shanghai Microelectronics realizes the development of 22nm lithography machine


my country’s requirements for semiconductor materials exceed one third of the world’s. In 19 years, the import quota for integrated chips alone exceed...

my country’s requirements for semiconductor materials exceed one third of the world’s. In 19 years, the import quota for integrated chips alone exceeded US$300 billion. According to the data and information, it is not too difficult to find out that the semiconductor material market in my country is very large. But why is there no semiconductor material manufacturer in China to go out and seize the market? The reason is very simple. The development of my country's chip industry chain is relatively late. In terms of hard power, manufacturers are unable to do what they want.

Even if it is the most technologically excellent SMIC in the mainland, the chip manufacturing process is only stuck in the 14nm link, and due to the lack of support from high-end lithography machines, it will always be more and more difficult to upgrade the SMIC process in the future. However, there is good news from Shanghai Microelectronics recently. It is understood that Shanghai Microelectronics chooses ultraviolet light source to complete the 28nm processing technology, which promotes the major progress of domestic lithography machine technology.

It is necessary to understand that the best EUV lithography technology at this stage is to use 13.5nm light wavelength technology, and 22nm technology is the best lithography machine technology after 13.5nm technology. With this technology, Shanghai Microelectronics also leapfrogged many Japanese lithography machine manufacturers and became the second largest lithography machine company after ASML. This effect has also been confirmed to the world that ASML is not the only one that is technically powerful.

If the technology developed by Shanghai Microelectronics is stable and can complete mass production, it will undoubtedly be of great assistance to the development trend of China's chip processing and manufacturing industry. With domestically made lithography machines and equipment, the United States cannot arbitrarily use to block chip processing plants, and the self-reliance of chips in my country may be greatly improved. It is even very possible that my country has transformed from a strong country in chip import to a strong country in export.

Naturally, the rise of domestic lithography machines did not happen overnight. Shanghai Microelectronics has only completed the processing technology at this stage, and the specific application needs to be further clarified. Moreover, even if Shanghai Microelectronics finally succeeded in building a 22nm lithography machine, it still has to realize that the quality of my country's high-end lithography machine is still very different from the quality of ASML lithography technology.

Nowadays, it is more and more aware that the technical requirements of the lithography machine are getting higher and higher, and it will be more and more difficult to complete the technological improvement in more aspects. Naturally, on the whole, Shanghai Microelectronics' completion of the research and development of 22nm lithography machine is all encouraging news for my country's semiconductor industry and its chip manufacturers. Shanghai Microelectronics has also made a good start for other companies in their technological upgrading.

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